Monday, January 27, 2020
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The Renaissance of "Foxy Lady".

Sale Presentation of the legendary series from the 80's as published in the Bestseller Cult Book "Foxy Lady" by Cheyco Leidmann.

These classic images have been realized on transparent film with no manipulation.

Production : Ypsitylla von Nazareth

Note : Formats other than shown herein are available on demand.

There exists also a rare treasure of "Foxy Lady" vintage prints, dated and signed by Cheyco Leidmann at the period of realization.

View Foxy Lady Installations

On Cheyco Leidmann's (Disturbing Yet Inspiring) magnetic Eroticism

"There will always be very few good works that will stand the test of time.The historically 'Foxy Lady' is hardy enough to stand this test." During the 80's Leidmann established a new cutting edge style of visual expressionism with hyperreal colors that leap off the page, sear the brain and stimulates the viewer's visual cortex. His intensely colored and stylized images helped define the graphic aesthetic and influenced an entire generation of digi-phile photographers and sparked the imagination of many art, music, fashion designer and filmmaker fans. At the time Leidmann published his works in books such as the cult classic and bestseller Foxy Lady an event in the universe of publishing, chosen by Vogue as one of nine cult classic books of the last five decades. Leidmann shot women without revealing their heads, forcing the viewer to interpretthe exposures through the body language, the codes which woman use to speak to onlookers and rebel against convention.One has to read the aggressively erotic message behind these images.He sees his work as embracing the aesthetic tradition of l'art brut art, eschewing traditional standards of beauty in favor of a more authentic and humanistic approach to imagemaking.Leidmann explodes societal norms by turning away from the fashion-magazine aesthetic.His edgy, staged photographs extend beyond the parameters of normalcy and expose humanity for what it is. After his film academy and screenplay writing period and before home PCs, before photoshopping, before photo manipulation,based on traditional analog practice,shot on transparent film and with no manipulation Leidmann rocked the world of photography with his seminal, groundbreaking work. Yet even in our times that offer us all the possibility of taking pictures characterized by a powerful rainbow-like chromatic scale, a magic box of digital crayons, the Leidmann images still retain.Though these colors are common in the 21st Century,they were ultra modern in the 1980. Leidmann's seven monographs followed in conjunction with exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world. As a visual artist, his trademark name stands for the strength and power of the visuals and the quality and vigor of his work. Foxy Lady garnered several prestigious awards, amongst them the New York Art Directors Club Gold Award. He is accompanied by his collaborator Ypsitylla von Nazareth.He lives and works between Paris and the United States.In more recent years, the artist carried out a sort of social analysis through explicit and disturbing images that show the "toxicity" of modern life in his latest monograph "TOXYTT".

© Cheyco Leidmann



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