Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Bruce Lan-Society

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About Bruce Lan

A new artist/photographer/graphic designer/arts creator from China.

The Art Work

About my art work:
Painting? Abstract? Photograph?

I am crossing the line between painting and photography,this is a series of light painting-photographs created with natural light. I like to find out the different things from our world,find out the elements which is overlooked easily by others,to discover them then show them in a different way to the world.
Light is the soul of photography,it changes all the time.Unlike other people use the light to draw a heart in a dark room,I like to find out the inspiration from outside world,record the track of light from buildings,dark sea,etc.Here you can see the amazing images created by the natural light,whatever they look like abstract human being,animails,or just the track of light,this is the miracle around us,a part of our life,they are just right there always,we just need to use our hearts and eyes to find out the beauty from them,remember the moment that nature creats for us.


1.CITIZEN 2010 International Photography Contest Winner;

2.Digital Camera 2010 photographers worldwide contest winners;

3.Chinese Photographers Association 2011 "National Urban Photography Exhibition" award;

4.Chinese Photographers Association 2011 "Berge Cup" creative photography exhibition award.

5.Special report by  newpaper of CHINA PHOTOGRAPHY in 2012 Mar



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