Monday, September 16, 2019
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Are talking about...


Yves Manciet's stolen images


2 Stolen Yves Manciet's images with Pablo Picasso in it are on sale through the Associated Press websites around the globe, without any prior permission and pretending to own the Copyright...

The story. The first time Manciet meets Picasso.

Yves Manciet...photoreporter..born 1925....94 year old today...

After Second World War he started working for a local newspaper from Nice "L'Espoir de Nice". The chief editor did send the young photoreporter up to the coast of Vallauris "Le Golfe-Juan"(South of France) to do some pictures of the first tourists getting on the was the begin of spring in1947. While he was approaching to the coast some of the people curious to see someone carring few camera on it did ask if his presence on the beach had anything to do with Pablo Picasso. After a little explication the young Yves Manciet got face to face with Pablo Picasso....Litlle formal introduction Pablo Picasso gave the permission to do some pictures. The maestro did some how ask what his name was and happend to be a lucky day for Yves Manciet beacause Pablo Picasso did know personnally Yves's father...Charles  Manciet was  the conservateur from may 1923 to april 1938 at the Musée de la Ville de Bordeaux.


Find the mistakes

We had a e-mail exchange with the famous Press Agency, we were trying to understand where the picture came from, they even invented a double of the photographer  which toke the images back than in 1948 (AP) next to Yves Manciet...after a deep look to the orignal proof-sheet and after a deep and accurate analysis i can definitely affirm the images on Associated Press agency belong Yves Manciet...Back in 1956 he came back from Brazil and he became the first photoreporter of the Dalmas Agency, maybe back than some one did cut the original negatives ...remain one question which i do find strange, the first time Associated Press start to present those 2 images to the pubblic was : Monday, December 12, 2011 10:32 PM

Where were the 2 images until now? If Associated Press as they pretend own those image since March 10,1948 why they did not sell the images earlier? After a deep research on Yves Manciet images i came across this discovery which make me doubt about the seriousness of Associated Press...

Can we trust them ?...I do not...

  • an agency which from one side does pretend to be the most loyal in the world;
  • but from the other side is capable to invent a double of the photographer in order to cover an intellectual property which does not exist;
  • which after the evedences of the mail exchanges does not even correct the mistakes, remove the images from the web and admit something did get wrong?

Remain also another detail which is how many images have been sold so far?

The 2 images are proposed for editorial purpose only but one of the 2 images has been tagged as "Best seller" on Replayphotos  web site belonging Associated Press which sells printed item in diverse variations and differents sizes

  • Paper
  • Canvas
  • Framed,unframed


which amount of sold images to make a picture defined "Bestseller" on Associated Press's websites  ???


They pretend to propose the images for editorial only. Some of the actual links:

(France Vallauris Pablo Picasso Sunbathing) (ref. number 480310045 or 480310189)

The above link has been suspended


Historical error

The information written below are on the back of the prints, possession of Associated Press, as they pretend,the images are from March 10 1948 ;

was Pablo Picasso really 66 year old in 1948? Absolutely not he was born 25 octobre 1881.

"Pablo Picasso, famed 66-year-old Spanish artist who has lived most of his life in France, suns himself on a boat on the beach at Golfe Juan in Vallauris on the French Riviera on March 10, 1948. Entering a new period in his varied artistic career, Picasso has turned to painting pottery at the nearby town of Vallauris."



Yves Manciet did certify me he never gave the missing negative neither the right to anyone.He own still the rest of the negative (10/12) .The quality of the following images is very low for protection reason.



The confrontation of the images of Picasso sitting on the pedalò is very clear;

  • the sand ,the light angle,the shadow and position are the same.
  • the camera has a tiny problem on the velvet that should ensure the total darkeness inside the camera and so because the sun was quiet strong there are light infiltration on the negative.
  • the sigarette, the foot ,the legs position are absolutely the same.
  • the details on the background: boats position are shoot from the same camera.

Since my first discover, november 2012 Associated Press has changed his website, i did some screen capture wich i let you judge...



They pretend to own the 2 negatives. Maybe they have one of both and they reproduce the other one from the silver based print shown in gallery (480310189 France Vallauris Pablo Picasso Sunbathing), the hardness of the image look more like a reproduction.

Perpetual looping

Accordingly to the informations i've got from Associated Press the images on their website was shot March 10,1948 but looking at the pubblication of the newspaper the mentioned pubblishing date is 8 august 1947 which was a later shooting made after the one of Golfe-Juan it was springtime 1947, to resume the images presented by Associated Press for me are a fakes.,Mr.Yves Manciet never did work for AP and he never left any copyright or any negatives to the newspaper "L'Espoir de Nice",which was his employer at the time...Basically some one from AP almost admitted about the copyright infringement until he said he had informed the AP lawyer, the following e-mail the photographer received was to be informed that the person in charge was removed from his chair...he suggest to restart the procedure from like a Cat eating its own tail...perpetual looping.

© Massimo Capodieci

If you have any suggestion you are more than welcome to contact me

The camera used for the shooting still exist any confrontation can be made!

The edge of the rectangle which define the out shape of each image is unique for each camera is like the finger print for the humans and cannot be changed neither be reinterpreted. Beside chemical test can be made on the negative to prove the origin of the two images.